The Quincunx (The Inheritance of John Huffam) by Charles Palliser

by @style

As much I’m fascinated by the first quarter of the twentieth century, I nurse a very soft spot for the late Regency and early Victorian period. I cannot get enough, particularly anything concerned with London’s history.

Last year while looking for a good holiday book I came across The Quincunx, a pastiche of a Victorian novel which takes from elements of Wilkie Collins and Charles Dickens. This is a monster of a book, a colossal achievement and a colossal source of inspiration and hair-pulling frustration. I’ve now battled through the 12 THOUSAND PAGES three separate times, most recently keeping notes along the way and I still have no idea what the last sentence means. Well, I do, but it’s complicated.

If anyone out there has read The Quincunx and wants to help, please COMMENT.

Otherwise, if anyone is in my vicinity at the moment and would like to come to my aid with a cold compress and a stiff drink that would be lovely.

Also, if anyone has any recommendations for similar books I’d be most grateful!