Internships and Work Experience With The Dresser

by @style

I get emails every week from students and graduates looking for internships or work experience. Unfortunately I don’t always get time to reply to each one and it makes me feel awful. As much as I’d like to reply to them all, I just don’t have the time.

The reason for that is that basically The Dresser is a one-woman-band. It’s just me. No other staff except a trusted assistant who helps when I do big events, and only when I do big events. On the everyday schedule it’s just me, either with clients one-to-one or catching up with admin and writing work. So really, on the whole, I just don’t have anything for an intern to do. Unless of course said intern wants to come to my house, make me coffee, take the dog out and generally fetch me things. Which I’d imagine is not only against the law (of decency, at any rate) but also crushingly boring for the intern.

Also, I feel really, really strongly that interns should be paid, and I’m just not in a position to do that. So, sadly, every time someone emails I either need to send a really disappointing response or I don’t have time to reply, or I forget to reply and it’s ghastly.

I’m not really sure what advice I can give anyone looking to break into the fashion industry. There’s plenty of advice online, all of it much more useful and eloquent than anything I could write here. In general, however, I’d advise you to remain cheerful, optimistic and keep trying. It’s a notoriously tough industry to break into and if you don’t have a thick skin you won’t make it very far. Also, try and be really specific about what field of fashion you want to work in. General airy-fairy ‘I want to work in fashion’ won’t cut it with anyone actually working in the industry who knows that it really is hard graft, often without pay, for years.

I hope that’s helpful for people. If you have any specific questions please leave a comment in the box, so that everyone can benefit from them and we can try and get a conversation going.