Worshiping Woolite – a Quick Post

by @style

Magic Woolite


Apologies for the lack of updates on the looking after your clothes series, I’ve been booked wall to wall with clients in the last few weeks and struggling with a lingering bout of tuberculosis (not really, just the cold, but it’s been very persistent!).

Just wanted to quickly write a little post about the wonders of Woolite. Remember I mentioned the 1950s baby alpaca jumper that I ruined in the washing machine? Well I came across something that said if you treat baby alpaca like hair, it can be  restored (hurrah!) Hair would not take kindly to being washed in Ariel non bio, so I decided to give Woolite a go. It’s impossible to get a hold of, when you see any in the supermarket buy it. I found one lone bottle on a shelf in Asda and swooped on it.

So, I used half a tea spoon of Woolite in a basin of tepid water, didn’t handle the jumper at all, just let it soak for about a minute, drained the water, then soaked for another minute in cold water. The jumper is currently laid flat, re-shaped and drying beautifully, it’s almost back to normal, so I’m delighted!

Also tried the Woolite on a 1930s silk collar that’s embroidered with real gold wire, rhinestones and pearls. The collar was absolutely filthy and had been in storage forever; I’d never worn it as frankly it was so badly stained. Again, in a basin of tepid water overnight with a tea spoon of Woolite and it’s come up absolutely perfect, all stains, marks and (most importantly where this collar was concerned) SMELLS are gone.

Overall, I’m delighted with the Woolite, will now be going round Glasgow buying up every bottle I see and using it for all delicates, wools and antique clothes.

If you can’t get a hold of Woolite, I’ve heard that Co-op’s Silk Wash is on a par.

Until next time, which I promise will be soon, happy shopping!