The Dresser Personal Shopping & Styling GIFT VOUCHERS

by @style

This time of year is always really busy for me, with lots of clients who want their shopping done before Christmas.

It’s also really busy with people looking for gift vouchers for shopping sessions. In the past I used to hand make these, but even from the end of October I realised that it’s not really feasible to keep doing that, going by the number of enquiries.

So, I’ve had some shiny lovely new ones printed up from I absolutely love them, thery’re so chic and the sort of thing you’d want to keep. I also ordered some gold envelopes to go with them and they look great too.

If you’re thinking of buying a gift voucher for someone, please get in touch, even right up to the last minute; I can hand deliver them or post them next day delivery. Gift vouchers are available for either full day shopping and styling sessions or for half day shopping and styling. They’re both really popular gifts, especially for women who have everything, but never seem to have anything to wear…

You can either get in touch by emailing me on or calling 07980 969 954.

Here they are! How gorgeous?