Interior View

by @style

I’m moving into a new flat early next year so I’ve spent a lot of this week looking at interior design books, paint charts and online antique auctions.

The problem is this: I’ll just be custodian of the flat, it actually belongs to my mother, and gorgeous as the flat is, it’s the place where magnolia paint went to die. I cannot abide magnolia paint and whenever I challenge my mother on this she says things like, “It’s NOT magnolia, it’s Treasured Oyster Shells!” or something along those lines.

So, while she keeps telling me I can do whatever I want to the place, secretly I know she’s going to be horrified when I’m finished with it and it looks more like an explosion in antiques shop with more clothes than is strictly required for one person.

Actually, while describing some ideas to my boyfriend his response was: “It sounds a bit like the National Gallery.”

YES! EXACTLY THAT! THE NATIONAL GALLERY! I’m being serious, the National Gallery, except with a really good bathroom.

Or maybe a mix of Sir John Soan’s house, Dennis Severs’ house, the National Gallery and London Dungeon.

Anyway. Really this post only exists for me to put up lovely photos. I seem to be having a navy moment, so excuse that!