The Dresser Personal Shopping & Styling…an Update!

by @style

Over the last few years, since the shop opened, blogging about The Dresser, my first and most loved business, has been non-existent. So, I’d like to apologise for that, and to everyone who came to the blog looking for styling and personal shopping and was faced with rows of vintage dresses – sorry!

The Dresser launched early in 2008. Within half an hour of the website going live I had my first client on the phone and it’s never stopped since.

I really believe in The Dresser; it seems at first glance to be something of an extravagance, but when clients come to me confused about their wardrobes, their bodies and themselves then leave confident, excited, happy and relieved I see what a huge difference it makes to them.

It is not a case of ‘shopping’. This is a confidence overhaul.

Whether clients are super busy and need me to go and sort out their outfits for the week, or just had a new baby and aren’t sure about their shape anymore, if they’ve lost or put on weight, if they’re starting a new job or a new life – clothes are an enormous factor. When you’re wearing the right clothes (the sort of clothes that make you feel special, confident and happy) you project a much sunnier attitude. It attracts the right sort of people into your life and paves the way for new opportunities.

The Dresser website will be undergoing a bit of a makeover itself early next year. In the four years since its inception a lot has changed and I now understand so much more about what my clients expect from me and what they need.

One of the key changes is to the personal styling sessions. In the past, a full day shopping session was just that – seven hours of intense retail therapy. After a few months I realised I was sending clients home with bags of clothes, but not bags of good, solid styling advice. So, rather that seven hours of shopping we now have around four hours of shopping and three hours at home, styling the new clothes, blending them with the existing wardrobe and taking photos of every single outfit, which I supply on a disc so that clients have a full digital library of everything in their wardrobe. They can see, at a glance, what goes with what and how to get the most out of their clothes.

There will be lots of clearer differences when the site changes next year, however, if you’re thinking of booking a session and not sure that any of the services suit you, please get in touch for a chat and we can work around your requirements.

There’s so much to catch up on, I can’t believe I’ve neglected telling you all about the exciting news and developments at The Dresser. We’ve been in so many magazines and newspapers including Glamour Magazine, The Herald, The Evening Times, The Daily Record, The Scotsman…We’ve hosted huge styling events with Braehead, including the Jean Genie and Little Black Dress events. In short, The Dresser is thriving and there’s even more exciting news to reveal in January.

In the meantime, here are some photos from the past year or so that have appeared in the press and online; I’ll get round to scanning all the press clippings and put them up too.

My assistant Cara (the glamourous blonde one) and I at the Braehead Little Black Dress event last month


Some promotion for the Braehead Jean Genie event


A feature in The Herald with a client, Lesley