by @style

Hi everyone, again, apologies for lack of blogging! Some of you in the south side may have seen Sogo, the new free mag that’s doing the rounds…well, I’ve been editing that (exciting, but very time consuming!) and also been busy with styling work recently.

ANYWAY! The shop has been closed since last Thursday as I was away on a styling job, and although I posted on facebook and Twitter, lots of people are worried that we’re shut down! We’re not, I promise! We’ll be back open tomorrow!

As always there’s lots of stunning antique and vintage clothes in store right now, I got the most fabulous box full of Victorian and Edwardian kidskin evening gloves, never worn and in great wearable sizes which are well worth a look and a whole wardrobe worth of 1950s evening and cocktail dresses, so pop in if you’re in Shawlands!