The Dresser’s Room in Your Living Room

by @style

We know in the run up to the festive season lots of you will be super busy and rooting through rails of vintage clothes for the utterly perfect party dress or the ideal Christmas gift for the vintage lover in your life won’t be high up on your list of priorities, so we’ve come up with what we think is a fabulous solution.

Why not bring The Dresser’s Room into your living room? The idea goes like this…

You invite some of your most fashion fabulous friends round for the evening

You contact The Dresser’s Room to discuss dress sizes and styles you like…maybe you love the luxury of the 1930s, your best friend loves the Twiggy style of the 60s and your next door neighbour is crazy about all things 70s…

The Dresser’s Room will bring an appropriate selection of gorgeous clothes, jewellery and accessories to your house for you and your friends to browse and try on in private and in comfort over a glass of wine…

And, the piece de resistance, you as the host of the evening will recieve 20% commission on all sales from the evening!

I anticipate this will be a hugely popular new service from The Dresser’s Room so contact me now to book your evening or if you have any questions. You can arrange your booking either by email at or by calling 0141 632 6451.

Some conditions (although we can tailor to specific requirements!)

1. Groups must be less than 15

2. Payment can be made in cash or by cheque

3. All sales on the evening are final

4. Payment of 20% commision will be paid to the hostess by cheque at the end of the evening

5. The Dresser’s Room in Your Living Room will be available to host parties every evening except Tuesdays from 6pm.

6. Daytime parties can only be accommodated on Sundays.

So, any questions get in touch and I hope lots of you will be keen to host The Dresser’s Room at home, browse the beautiful vintage in comfort and earn some welcome Christmas cash at the same time!