A Bit More About Etsy

by @style

Just wanted to let more of you know about The Dresser’s Room on Etsy.

Basically I’ll be adding a few new items every day to the Etsy shop, which means things will be for sale, here in the bricks and mortar shop and online on the Etsy shop 24 hours a day! At the moment there are just a few things on, but as the weeks go by the Etsy shop will be as packed full of vintage and antique stunners as the bricks and mortar shop!

It’s really easy to work; you can pay either by PayPal or by sending a cheque (obviously items will only be sent out after the cheque has cleared in our account). There is a strict no returns or exchange policy so if you’re planning on buying clothes do take your own measurements and compare them against the garment’s measurements to be on the safe side. If you come into the shop regularly you’ll know that I never tire of telling people that body shape is so much more important than dress size when it comes to vintage clothes.

So, I do hope you’ll visit the Etsy shop and have a look. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about anything on there! You can visit the shop by clicking HERE!

The Etsy shop!