The Glamour of Hammer

by @style

When I was wee Hammer Horror films always seemed to be on ITV on Friday nights, it was brilliant. The Hammer films have always stood out to me as kistch and camp and even now if one comes on, no matter how dire, I’ll stay up to watch it.

A couple of years ago I bought a Hammer Horror boxset in HMV for £40. I knew the majority of the films inside (21 DVDs!) but some I didn’t, so thought it was a bargain really. Today (as I still seem to be on a skiving fest and have run out of all other boxsets) I cracked open the Hammer box and decided to watch a few of the ones I hadn’t seen.

They were unadulterated bollocks. Honestly. I’ve abandoned three so far. Went on YouTube to watch bits of some of the ones I remember to see if they’re bollocks too, but I think they’re still ok, in a camp tomato-sauce-blood way.

One of the things I loved about Hammer films was the art direction. Often they were designed and filmed on tiny budgets, but somehow all the women had enormous hair and drag queen make up and all the costumes looked lavish. I always thought the Hammer ‘scream queens’ were the absolute height of sleazy 60s/70s glamour, a world away from the poppy Twiggy/Shrimpton brigade. They were the dark side of the swinging sixties feminine ideal.

I’m mourning my childhood, now that I can’t sit through really bad horror films I must be old. It’s GRIM.

List of Hammers I can still sit through:

Taste the Blood of Dracula

Countess Dracula

Blood From the Mummy’s Tomb

The Witches

The Nanny

Dracula Prince of Darkness

Dracula AD 1972


Dracula Prince of Darkness

Twins of Evil

Hammers that are bollocks:

Straight on Till Morning

The Reptile

Demons of the Mind

Fear in the Night

The Vengance of She

Anyway, here’s some nice photos.

Also, a video I found on YouTube of someone talking through the boxset I bought. I must emphasise its not me, I’m not a man or a Sheffield Wednesday supporter.

Ok, strictly not a Hammer but amazing nonetheless!