Icon: Elizabeth Taylor

by @style

Edith Head, the revered Hollywood costume designer always said that Liz Taylor had the dream body for dresses and that no one could wear a strapless or halter neck style gown and do it justice like she could. Head never designed these sorts of dresses for other actresses as they just didn’t have the shape for it. You need very fine, squared shoulders, slim arms, a big bust and a teeny tiny waist to wear a strapless gown properly. That’s why you rarely find vintage strapless dresses; so many people knew they didn’t suit them so manufacturers didn’t make them.

Now, it seems that regardless of body shape everyone wears strapless and for some reason high street manufacturers churn them out season after season, each one cheaper looking and more garish than the next.

I think we should all take heed of Head’s advice. Unless you look like Liz Taylor in the 50s steer clear of the strapless dress. It will make you look shorter/fatter/bulging/rugby player-esque.

There are so many beautiful dress shapes out there to suit everyone. Be different and find the one for you.

ANYWAY! The point of this was supposed to be about Liz Taylor as an icon. Do you agree?