by @style

1920s flapper

This dress just came in this morning. It’s another beauty! 1920s black and silver beaded flapper cocktail dress. It’s in incredible condition, amazingly, since it had been hanging on a plastic hanger in a wardrobe for the last god knows how many years (the horror!). The woman who brought it in said it had belonged to her mother and hadn’t seen the light of day for years and years.

Back in its day it would have been worn with lots of costume jewellery (bangles, long necklaces) a jewelled headdress, make-up galore and a velvet or fur evening wrap.

So delighted to have it in The Dresser’s Room and really hope it goes to a good home very soon!

UPDATE! Sold, within an hour, just goes to show, when something’s truly fabulous it doesn’t hang around for long!!

1920s heavily beaded black and silver cocktail flapper dress, size 6-10 (ish!) £250

In all its glory!