Bargain of the Century!

by @style

I just ran up to Shawlands to go to the bank and on my way back popped into a few of the charity shops. On Skirving Street there are three Cosgrove charity shops and I struck GOLD!

On the floor at the book section were three red folios labeled ‘Golden Hands’. They were a late 1960s/early 70s Marshall Cavendish partwork that you collected every week. They are bloody excellent, there are knitting and sewing patterns for everything you can imagine. I’ve just done a quick flick through and already I want to try my hand at about a hundred things.

Proper vintage patterns like this are so expensive to buy online and these books are absolutely chock full with hundreds of them.

All three cost me the ridiculous sum of £6.

Feeling smug!

To be honest, I have no skill in that direction, but I can guarantee Viv (mother) will go wild for them.

*Just realised at the back of the last folder are lots of little books about Scottish History and mementoes of day trips in Scotland through the 1960s. Why do people throw these things out? I love charity shops.

Spied them lying on the floor like this. Sadly book 2 was empty, so didn't see much point buying it...

Styling is so Carry On film/Avengers

Loving the illustrations

Very Barbara Hulaniki


Want. Without the shiny, sweaty face, thanks.

It's like a wardrobe sketch from The Liver Birds! Want want want!

A patchwork kaftan? Yes please!

Look, you can embroider an owl. But why? Oh, yes, because its the seventies and that's apparently what we did!

This I like. Metal embroidery.

Must have this enormous poncho poste haste.

Sleeves for all occassions!

Very Hulaniki illustration again


Poncho and hat combo. Want.

Some of the little Scottish history booklets and leaflets I found at the back of the last folder, all dated in the 60s.