Glasgow 1980

by @style

Came across this video today. It’s called Glasgow 1980. It’s a documentary made in 1971 about the redevelopment of the city and it’s vision for the future (1980). It is HORRIFIC. There’s footage of old tenements being demolished and wildly enthusiastic talk about the ‘new fangled’ high rise flats (later dubbed ‘slums in the sky’). It even waxes lyrical about the excellence of Shawlands Arcade!! Wild. I was watching parts of it through my fingers, aghast at what they did to the city.

I can’t help but think, however, that if the narrator could see what his beloved Glasgow 1980 turned into he’d be just as horrified as me. It’s like watching a horror film; all their wee models of ‘shopping precincts’ ‘free, spacious living in the sky’ just look to me like models from a horror film.

Just think, if they hadn’t demolished everything, what Glasgow would be today.

That said, its a brilliant film, the music and style are worth watching it for alone.

You can see it HERE

Old Gorbals slum

Watching the 'streets in the sky' being built

Gorbals tower block (monstrous)

Smokers in front of old tenements marked for demolition

Towers being built

High street slum circa 1880