Favourites From the New Jewellery!

by @style

There’s so much of this new jewellery that it’s difficult to see it in the pictures I posted yesterday, so here’s some better shots of my pick of the best!

1950s rhinestone delicate necklace £8

80s deco enamel and bead necklace £8

1930s rhinestone and paste £35

1930s rhinestone and champagne stone £35

1950s rhinestone droplet necklace £25

1950s rhinestone £10

1950s rhinestone £10

1980s gold tone and crystal £8

1950s aurora borealis £13

1980s gold tone and jewel earrings £8

1980s snake armlet with pink crystal eyes £10

1980s snake armlet with crystal eyes £10 (matching necklace £13)

1980s pearl and crystal necklace with huge clasp £15

1980s huge rose cuff with rhinestones £13

All available at The Dresser’s Room Vintage right now!