Plus Size Vintage

by @style

Mae West, some might call her plus size, but god does she look good!

One of my readers has just brought the idea of plus size vintage to my attention; suggesting that I should have an area in the shop dedicated to plus size clothes. I think this is an excellent idea, however, as I’m always telling people who come in, there are no sizes…vintage clothes are so far and beyond any modern sizing. So much depends on body shape. A curvy size 8 will be able to fit into any number of 1950s dresses, a boyish size 8 won’t, the shape just isn’t there, likewise the curvy size 8 will have trouble trying to fit into anything from the 1960s and the boyish shape will be able to have a field day.

The clothes in The Dresser’s Room are organized by colour, as I think it makes it easier to see the clothes. I NEVER put sizes on anything and I tell everyone to ignore what ever the label says. I recently sold an early 1950s gold brocade cocktail dress to a girl who was a slim, tall, size 10-12. The label on the dress was size 18. Go figure.

The only way to decide what fits and what doesn’t is to try it on! Modern sizing is so out of synch; how many times have you tried something in one shop in one size, then gone to another shop and had to go up or down a size to get the right fit? In any case, most vintage clothes won’t have a size label, some won’t have any label at all.

So trying on is the only way. I can appreciate it might be intimidating to come into a vintage shop and have no idea what size anything is, however, I think you’d be very pleasantly surprised. I try to maintain a huge range of styles and sizes; at the moment there are dresses in the shop from about a size 2 (teeny tiny) up to about a size 18 (depending on body shape, of course!). Most of the clothes are around size 12 to size 16.

So, don’t be intimidated. Try on. It’s  so much more about era, shape and cut than it is about dress size, how disappointed would you be to miss out on an amazing piece of perfectly fitting clothing just because you were too afraid to try it on?

I’m still looking for more ideas for how I can improve the shop for you all, I’d especially like some idea of what opening hours will be better for you, so if you fancy winning a £25 gift voucher for the best idea, please get in touch!

Thanks, and hoping to see you all soon.