Retail is a Bitch

by @style

All hail Queen Mary!

Did anyone see Mary Queen of Shops last night? I’m still flabbergasted by it. You can see it HERE

In departure from Mary’s usual endeavors to re-launch boutiques, this series is focused on a range of different retail businesses. Last night was the turn of Maher & Son. a family run bakery in south west London. Their profits had halved in the last five years so family matriarch, Angela Maher, called in Portas to rejuvenate the business. Mary’s ideas were all excellent; turn the flagging relic (seriously, it was like something from an episode of On The Buses) into an artisan bakery selling specialist produce that the local area would flock to.

Old Ma Maher clearly had different thoughts, however, and went out of her way to be unspeakably rude, ungrateful and arrogant. It became very clear her only motive for actually applying to be on the show was to get a make-over for the shop. She had no interest whatsoever in trying to save her business. She has been “in the business for 36 years…” as she never tired of telling us. She knows best.

It was agony to watch. I couldn’t get over how rude she was, and, as a tiny business owner myself, how incredibly ungrateful she was. I would give all my teeth for Mary Portas to come to The Dresser’s Room. Even just to get a fresh perspective on things. Even if I didn’t love her ideas or opinions, I’d be bloody grateful that she’d even bothered.

So that got me thinking, in the absence of Mary Portas in my life, I’d like to know what you, my customers think.

How can I make The Dresser’s Room better for you? It could be anything…your wish is my command.

Would you like my opening hours to change?

Would you like to see different stock? If so, what?

Is there some way the shop could be more welcoming and accommodating?

Anything at all!

I’m hoping to get lots of suggestions and ideas from you and the person with the best idea shall be rewarded with a ¬£25 gift voucher to spend on theur heart’s desire, so get your thinking caps on!