Joan Crawford: Legend

by @style

"Joan Crawford, as much as I dislike the lady, is a star." Humphrey Bogart

My mum was charity shop raiding yesterday (as you do) and bought me the most amazing book, Legends: Joan Crawford. It’s a brief biography then hundreds of gorgeous photos, so inspirational. Much of the photos are from her 1930s heyday, and the incredible thing about her is chameleon like image, in every photo she looks different and certainly she is unrecognisable from her early 1920s days up to the fifties, you’d think it was a different person altogether.

Here are some nice photos. Clearly I am drooling all over all the clothes!

The book! £2 bargain!

You can even buy your own Joan Crawford Barbie

Here is Faye Dunaway camping it up as Joan in the infamous Mommie Dearest