Some Good Style

by @style

I’m always looking for good style blogs but so fed up of so called ‘super bloggers’ like Tavi et. al. It’s so contrived and boring. So, here are some good blogs in my bookmarks that I visit daily. Their not all fashion, but they’re all good.

For a hilarious (and sometimes filthy) take on celebrity gossip try Dlisted. Much better than Perez Hilton or any of the others, really funny.

The Last Miaow covers a wild spectrum of style; all keenly observed and very easy on the eye.

Melanie Rickey is Fashion Editor at Large of Grazia, her blog is sharp, fashion forward and very fast with the gossip.

You’ll all know Queens Marie and Michelle from The Kingdom of Style. Their very different personal styles make this blog varied and never dull.

Colin McDowell is the grandaddy of fashion writing, his blog is very traditional and full of authority.

Pixiwoo is the blog of make-up guru Sam Chapman, full of inspiration.

Nickel in the Machine is the most fascinating blog, completely focused on the secret history of London; lesbian nightclubs in the 1950s and sex and drug scandals of the 1920s. It’s so thoroughly well researched and totally absorbing.

The Curious Sofa is a interiors/gift type shop in Kansas and their blog is maintained  by shop owner, Debbie Dusenberry. She’s an incredible stylist so this one is worth checking out for ideas along.