House of Eliott

by @style

The boxset

How to lose two weeks of your life

Oh the costumes!

When I was wee I always remember my mum watching The House of Eliott, the early 90s costume drama set in the 1920s about two sisters who set up a couture house, The House of Eliott. I was fascinated by the costumes, which were so elegant and I think this was the beginning of my mania for collecting 1920s clothes and accessories. My own collection is now pretty huge and includes everything from flapper dresses which are sadly too delicate to wear to velvet coats and cloche hats. There’s not much opportunity to wear a lot of it. Can you imagine being in Glasgow city centre in a precious, irreplaceable 1920s silk fringed shawl and some idiot spilling a drink on it or burning it with a cigarette? Doesn’t bear thinking about!

Today, as it’s a bit rainy and I’m suffering from Monday blues I am watching a few episodes of The House of Eliott on DVD. I found the boxset on Amazon about a year ago and then lost two weeks of my life to it. Its completely addictive!

Buy the boxset HERE

Here’s a French and Saunders spoof of the series, which is hilarious!