Vintage and Antique Bridal Wear at The Dresser’s Room

by @style

The Dresser’s Room is excited to be Scotland’s first and best retailer of vintage and antique bridal wear. At the moment we have four dresses in stock, two 1930s art deco extravaganzas, one magnificent 1920s beaded confection and a sleek modernist lace and silk 1960s offering. All beautiful. We also have wonderful bridal accessories; a Victorian swan feather collar and muff, beaded white 1950s gloves, Victorian elbow length white kid skin gloves, sumptuous fur stoles and masses of beautiful art deco bridal jewellery.

Every bride I speak to wants her special day to be memorable; and many of them would love to incorporate something antique or vintage into their overall look, whether that would be an antique  hand made lace veil, an elaborate art deco dress clip for their garter or a vintage headdress…the choices really are limitless!

We’re very keen to expand on this in the future, but at the moment we’d like some input from brides-t0-be! Let us know what you’re looking for and we shall find it!

We relish a challenge, so don’t hesitate to come in and speak to us or simply email or give us a call.

We’re planning on organizing some photos of the current collection to put up here very soon, in the mean time pop in for a visit and a chat about what you’re looking for.

Until then, here are some truly beautiful pictures to inspire you.

Grace Kelly's iconic wedding, this one set the benchmark for sheer elegance

A close up of her veil and headdress

Debo Mitford marrying the Duke of Devonshire, her dress is so fluid and simple and 60 years on still looks fabulous

Diana Mitford marrying Bryan Guinness in the late 1920s, so chic and simple, the bias cut of this dress makes it seem so modern, even today

Princess Margaret marrying Lord Snowdon, looking very sixties with the hair

Spectacular example of a 1920s wedding dress, the shape is simple but the embellishment and accessories are mind blowing and offer a sumptuous look

A late 1930s bride, note the opulence of her veil

A 1940s bride looking like a film star in clean lines and layers of satin and silk chiffon

A 1950s bride, the skirt of this dress gives is a more romantic, classic feel

Britt Eckland marrying Peter Sellers in the 60s, the mini length and simple shape show the fun of this wedding, so typically sixties