Sourcing Specific Items

by @style

Ah! I can see the dress!

People often come in with a specific idea of exactly what their looking for, and more often than not their expectations fall a wee bit short, as is the nature of vintage clothes. Some days you can find a hundred things you want and some days nothing is quite right. That’s why I always offer sourcing for people, especially if they have a very clear idea of what they’re looking for.

This usually happens with people who have big events to go to; for example brides, mothers of the bride, graduation balls and proms. I particularly love doing the bridal stuff as it’s always such a challenge to get the exact dress the client is looking for and a sense of triumph when you know you’ve nailed the dress and you know they’re going to love it.

So if you’re hankering after a special something, get in touch, I can pretty much guarantee I’ll be able to find it!