Always Room For Improvement

by @style

I’m starting to get a bit sick of looking at the shop, so I’m thinking of ways to change it slightly! Here are some pictures I’ve been looking at for inspiration…need to try and put it all into some semblance of a plan though!

I’d really appreciate your thoughts on this. Is there any way you think the shop could be improved? Or anyway we can improve our visibility on Skirving Street? So often people say that they’ve walked by a hundred times and not noticed the place, so I’d like to think of a way to combat that!

I want The Dresser’s Room to be a place you enjoy visiting and shopping in, so if you have any ideas or thoughts at all, please leave a comment, I’d very much appreciate it.

Was thinking of putting two hanging baskets outside the shop, thinking lilies, camelias, gardenias, roses...any thoughts from budding florists?

An Erte print I like, have a few of these in the shop already

Some lovely deco design

Tamara De Lempika, typical art deco styling

Typical art deco interiors, had I an unlimited budget this is what the shop would look like!

Beautiful and elaborate deco doorway

Stunning interiors of Biba-again, if money was no object!

More from Biba

So, yes, any ideas at all, send them my way!!!

Hope to see you all soon.