1950s Prom Dress Bonanza!

by @style

Classic 1950s prom dresses

So, once again prom season is upon us and everyone is looking for the perfect dress, and equally important, the perfect dress no one else will be wearing! This is were vintage comes into it’s own. The style of the 1950s prom dress is the one we most associate with the event, huge skirts, sugar plum colours, chiffon, silk and satin.

I’ve had lots of people coming into the shop and emailing asking whether I have any in stock…well, the answer as of today is yes! In addition to the four below there is also the lemon chiffon one that featured on the cover of the Herald magazine, beautiful, but very small!

Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to know more about any of the dresses.

l-r: lemon and embroidered, burnt gold silk (will look amazing with a contrasting underskirt), white and blush pink off the shoulder, blue lace and chiffon, huge skirt and chiffon drape at the neck. All available NOW!