Vintage Style Wedding…1920s? 1930s? 1950s?

by @style

So many brides have been in recently looking for accessories to go with their wedding dresses; art deco dress clips to go on garters, beaded 1920s evening bags, furs, feathers, pearls, victorian glace kid skin opera gloves…you get the idea.

Meeting so many prospective brides, bridesmaids, mothers of the brides and not forgetting panicked wedding guests has inspired me to get a bit more involved in vintage bridal wear. Just recently delivered is this incredible 1930s vintage wedding dress. I have no words. It’s too beautiful. Thanks to the wonderful Vicki for modelling it for me at short notice.

Pure Jean Harlow, the fabric is buttery soft and weighty, falls perfectly in the drape. In pristine condition.

Its slightly big for Vicki here, I'd say it would be a better fit on someone closer to a size 10/12

You can see the beautiful quality of the fabric her, it falls perfectly.

This is a mint condition example of a classic 1930s wedding dress. It would be stunning just simply styled with Veronica Lake hair, iconic make-up and some serious diamonds. Pure elegance.

If you’re planning on a vintage wedding dress and would like some advice please get in touch. I can always source items, from the perfect 19th Century Belgian lace veil to a pure white 1920s fox stole, so don’t hesitate to drop me a line!