Pearly Queens

by @style

Just as important to properly wearing a little black dress as glittering deco gems are wreaths and wreaths of glowing pearls. That’s why I’ve been buying them in by the mile! All vintage, most from the 1950s and they have such gorgeous clasps, I’d wear them with the clasp to the side rather than to the back to show it off to its full advantage!

I did take some photos but Cecil Beaton I’m not, so they came out blurry and with horrific lighting effects…you’ll just have to come in and see them for yourself on the 6th!

As compensation for my awful photographising (what, you think I don’t know what a photographiser does!?) here are some glorious pictures from the professionals of gorgeous people wearing gorgeous pearls. 


Grace Kelly in her pearl choker


A different way of wearing a classic, with emphasis on the back

One of history's most famous pearl wearers, Louise Brooks


Coco, of course

Absolutely beautiful pearl and chunky charm bracelet worn by Grace Kelly in Rear Window