Yes, We Buy Clothes Too…

by @style

People are always emailing, phoning and asking in the shop if we buy clothes as well as sell them. The answer is most definitely YES!

Providing they meet our standards we are always looking for new items! Here is a list of dos and don’ts if you’re thinking about selling:

Do bring very old clothes, all clothes must be at least 25 years old (this is my benchmark for what is vintage, anything younger is ‘retro’)

Don’t bring rags. Clothes must be in good order (no bad damages that can’t be repaired!)

Do bring fur! Contrary to the ethics of most vintage stores we are delighted to buy all kinds of fur.

Do bring clothes even if you’re not sure what we’re looking for, providing they’re at least 25 years old, we’re interested!

Do bring jewellery, especially costume jewellery, again, as long as its 25 years old or more. 

Don’t bring menswear. Unfortunately we only sell womens’ clothes

Do bring curiosities; shoe horns, glove boxes, head dresses, hat boxes, button hooks, boxes of loose buttons, old clothes patterns, empty jewellery boxes, padded hangers…you get the picture!

If you have anything you’d like to sell feel free to email us at, call on 0141 632 6451 or drop in for a chat and we can discuss your items!