The View From The Dresser’s Room (archive 09/09)

by @style

The View From The Dresser’s Room

First up this month I’d like to bring your attention to the new Richard Avedon book, Avendon Fashion 1944-2000. A beautiful coffee table book brimming with gorgeous fashion shots of all the greats; it’s actually worth buying for the cover alone; a Jean Shrimpton shot from a 1960s Bazzaar, very colourful and playful, but with the timeless Avedon charm.

 At the moment I’m very into late fifties, early sixties fashion, the era when David Bailey was doing amazing work with Jean Shrimpton. The clothes weren’t quite so rigid as the height of the fifties, nor so flippant as the mid to late sixties stuff, more simple, elegant and chic. Hemlines were coming up, but not yet indecent! I’ve been getting loads of these kinds of dresses in the shop recently; I think because people really want to be investing in clothes at the moment, these have become much more popular. The quality of the cut and the fabric is what’s most striking about these pieces, so beautiful.

 Speaking of fashion books, some of you may have heard of The Sartorialist, the blogger, Scott Schuman who goes around the world taking pictures of great outfits? Well, as one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Design Influencers, Scott has come a long way from the humble blog. A book of his work has recently been published by Penguin and is a must-buy for all you people spotters and street fashion aficionados, it’s packed to the gunnels with quirky style from around the world and full of inspiration.

 Another fashion maverick, and certainly the fashion industry’s number one design influencer, Anna Wintour has emerged as a bona fide A List celeb in recent weeks. The release of the Vogue documentary, The September Issue has made her a true household name. Infinitely more ferocious than the toothless caricature from The Devil Wears Prada, the real Wintour is a sight to behold. Personally I think she’s an icon, and I always have done. She was featured in a documentary on the BBC years ago called Boss Women, and since then she’s been my idol! Not too sure I could carry off the infamous bob though.

Also, I can’t let this column end without passing on a very secret, very fabulous,  web address,, it is INCREDIBLE. Launched by make-up artist sisters, Nicola and Samantha Chapman, this is the place to go for make-up and hair tips, and believe me when I say they WILL have you doing your make up like Edie Sedgwick by this time next week!

Jean Shrimpton by David Bailey

Avedon Fashion

Anna Wintour