The View From The Dresser’s Room (archive 01/10)

by @style

So, Christmas and New Year have come and gone. It always seems to me that January is one of the most deflated months of the year; after all the hullabaloo and excitement of December, January is like someone’s mother crashing in and killing the party. All the more reason to try and cheer yourself up and inject a bit of glamour into the proceedings; even if only to alleviate the crushing dullness which carries through to Valentine’s Day when we can all start spending money on rubbish again.

I’ve been spending my time buying make-up (I have a theory that if your make-up is nice, people will look at your face and not at the size of your post-Christmas arse). I’ve been taking my beauty inspiration from icons of the past, the women whose faces are still considered the most beautiful in history. Marlene Dietrich, Clara Bow, Rita Hayworth and Grace Kelly…the only trouble will be in deciding whose face to put on in the morning!

I’ve invested in a professional make-up brush set from AOFM, it’s incredible, £300 worth of brushes for £98, who can beat that?! Also, it makes the most amazing difference to your make-up, not just how you apply it but its longevity too.

I’ve been listening to a lot of 1920s and 30s dancing music in the shop over the last month, in particular Noel Coward. I had no idea the man was such a genius! The songs are equally humorous, poignant, sad and uplifting. As an introduction to the genre you should check out ‘Dance Little Lady’, ‘The Party’s Over Now’, ‘Mrs. Worthington’, ‘Don’t Let’s Be Beastly to The Germans’ and ‘London Pride’.

My favourite Christmas present this year was several collections of traditional fairytales. I got a whole library of them including Grimm’s Original Fairytales, Burning Your Boats and Other Stories by Angela Carter, The Virago Book of Fairytales (Vol. I & II) and Oscar Wilde’s Stories for Children. They’re all amazing and the best thing about them is that they’re the kind of books you can go back to again and again. That’s something I love about Roald Dahl’s Short Stories and Saki’s collections too, they’re enduring and endlessly enjoyable.

On that note I’m off to reapply more lipstick!

The gorgeous Rita Hayworth

Noel Coward

Grace Kelly

Marlene Deitrich

The fabulous Oscar Wilde

The collected short stories of the legend Angela Carter